The Author, The Athlete, & The Poetic World

Who Is Writing Your Story
by Kent Reiersgaard
The Huffington Post

What is your story? Does it reflect your true authentic self? In this article, Reiersgaard challenges us to explore these questions by sharing his personal account of journeying from fighting for a cause he believes in to living a life he believes in. Through that transformation he learned: “The best thing you can do is to figure out who you are - the internal you - so that you can exercise your core values and be who you came here to be - not who society wants you to be. You can then use the external you to serve as an unapologetic reflection of who you are at your core.” How might your interior and exterior lives become one?

God, Soccer, and the World Cup
by Sohaib Sultan

When did you first experience faith in a higher power? How did you first find a glimpse of your higher self? For Sultan, it was not on the journey toward becoming an Imam, but rather in the game of soccer. In this article, he reflects on the parallels between sport and spirituality in his life: “Religion and soccer, when rooted in simplicity and beauty, have great power to bring people together and to nurture higher values in people.”

Poetry: Who Needs It?
by William Logan
The New York Times

In this thought-provoking article, Logan challenges us to imagine a world where all children are taught to read poetry and language has no bounds. He notes, “The way we live now is not poetic…But to live continually in the natter of ill-written and ill-spoken prose is to become deaf to what language can do.” What would a poetic world look like for you?

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