Acceptance, Transformation, & Illumination

How You Can Make Friends With Change
by Ed and Deb Shapiro
The Huffington Post

How do you deal with change? This article reminds us that “Acceptance enables us to be with what is, to create spaciousness and room to breathe [while]…Resistance to change is resistance to the meaning of being here, which is to become something more than what we were before.” By offering a simple meditation to ground us in the present, the Shapiros challenge us to embrace change with awareness and acceptance so that we may discover the space to grow.

Scientific Insights from the Greater Good Gratitude Summit
by Jeremy Adam Smith
Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life

How do you express gratitude? What impact does gratitude have in your life? In this article, Smith shares some of the cognitive, physiological, social, and spiritual benefits of gratitude that were highlighted at the recent Greater Good Gratitude Summit. Citing research and presentations by leaders in the field, he notes “how gratitude is what helps us to change for the better through difficult or even terrible experiences.” How has gratitude been transformative for you?

What Is Poetry?
by Shots of Awe
You Tube 

In this short video, Silva challenges us to ponder the meaning and role of poetry. He shares how “when we read a poem, the poem reads us. It’s a tool of illumination. It’s an alter. It’s something we surrender to…” What is poetry to you?

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