See, Fear, Hear

#InstagrammingAfrica: The Narcissism of Global Voluntourism
by Lauren Kascak & Sayantani Dasgupta
Pacific Standard

This article offers an honest and deeply personal reflection on engaging in service work. Acknowledging her shift in orientation over time, Kascak shares: "I used my privilege to capture a photograph that made me feel as though I was engaging with the community. Only now do I realize that what I was actually doing was making myself the hero/star in a story about ‘suffering Africa.’” How might we cultivate an awareness of our own motivation and power when serving others?

Let Them Eat Cash
by Christopher Blattman
The New York Times 

What assumptions do you make upon initial interactions with others? Are they different when the others are poor and marginalized? This article challenges us to recognize our fears and judgments. When it comes to offering cash to poor and/or homeless communities, Blattman shares that the largest obstacle is “Mistrust by donors and other nonprofits who held hard to the view that poor people can’t make good decisions.” How might you practice meeting all people where they are with respect and dignity?

Stylus Broadcast
WBUR: Boston’s NPR

Where do you find silence in your day-to-day? What does that silence hold for you? This broadcast explores of the power of silence from its role in music to its place in religion to its ubiquity in deafness. Sharing his beautiful expression of the potential for transformation that silence holds, jazz bassist Cecil McBee notes: “Silence is the amazing abundance of every possibility that we can understand…” We invite you to listen to the full program and to discover all that silence has to offer.

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