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Listen Intently

No Time to Think
by Kate Murphy
The New York Times

How do you react in moments of stillness? What feelings surface when you’re alone? This article explores our cultural tendency to avoid time for introspection and to resist processing negative thoughts or problems. The reality, as Murphy notes, is that “Suppressing negative feelings only gives them more power…leading to intrusive thoughts, which makes people get even busier to keep them at bay.” How might you break the cycle of busyness and create more time to think?  

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Resiliency and Vulnerability in Global Health Leadership
by GHC Team
Global Health Corps Blog

As Global Health Corps celebrates the interior and exterior work of their outgoing class of fellows this week in Rwanda, the team offers this reflection on lessons learned in serving others and the world. They share how, as a partner in facilitating GHC trainings and retreats, “Still Harbor teaches us the importance of understanding ourselves before embarking on social change work…Which means: vulnerability – embracing it, exploring it, and sharing it.” Today, we challenge you to embrace, explore and share new parts of yourself. 

Answer Honestly

Are you human?
by Ze Frank

“Have you ever put on a pair of pants and then much later realized that there was a loose sock mushed up against your thigh?...Have you ever broken something in real-life and then found yourself looking for an Undo button, in real life?” In this short video, Frank poses a series of questions that, with humor and grace, invite us to embrace authenticity in our shared humanity.

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