Rise, Alive, Belong

Writing Alone, Together
by Bonnie Tsui
The New York Times 

Where do you find community? What emerges for you in that collective space? This article explores the deeply personal insights that can surface when in communion with others. Reflecting on all the gifts that community has offered her as a writer, Tsui notes: "Strangely enough, this companionable chorus has pushed me to refine my own voice, helping it to emerge sharpened and true. Writing with others has helped me to be more, well, me."

On Finding Wonder as an Adult
by Rudri Bhatt Patel
The Huffington Post

In this article, Patel marvels over the wonder and surprise that her daughter finds each day and contemplates why adults fail to embrace such moments of awe. As she states, “Wonder is the acknowledgement that yes, we are alive, bearing witness to something we may not understand, but may capture something inside of us that we feel, touch, taste or hear.” How might you invite more childlike wonder into your life?

The Power of Us
by Mari Kuraishi

This video shares the journey of a young woman from a self-proclaimed loner to a successful social entrepreneur. For Kuraishi, co-founder and leader of GlobalGiving, the most important thing she learned in that transformation is: “It’s one thing to be creative, innovative and buck tradition…but it is very different to do so from a place of connectedness and being in service. And I couldn’t get here until I had shed certain beliefs about myself.” What might the intersection of service and community have to offer you?

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