Speak Out

Speak Out...Of Love

I am furious. And I am scared.
by Perry Dougherty
Still Harbor Blog

How do you grapple with the injustices you witness? What does it look like to fight for what you believe in? In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, Dougherty contemplates these questions as her anger, fear, and doubt make way for gratitude, love, and faith. In this personal reflection, she writes: “And so for now, I write, pray, rant, and love…”

Speak Out...From Self

Why You Should Write Love Letters
by Himay Zepeda
The Huffington Post

How do you align your inner and outer lives? What is your most authentic and vulnerable form of expression? For Zepeda, it is love letters, not just for a romantic partner, but also for family, friends and even the public. Regardless of the audience, “Love letters are life-changing because it’s one of the few times when you can muster up that ultimate courage that comes with being vulnerable…Maybe we will all feel this way once we put down on paper, for the rest of the world to see, what we’ve often held for just ourselves.”

Speak Out...With Truth

The danger of silence
by Clint Smith

What are the silences in your life? What tools do you use to explore those spaces? How might you to convert them from sources of shame to expressions of self? This powerful video challenges us to give voice to our truth and to be honest about when, where, and why we’ve failed to do so. Reflecting on his own journey, Smith proclaims: “I will not let silence wrap itself around my indecision…I will live every day as if there were a microphone tucked under my tongue, a stage on the underside of my inhibition. Because who has to have a soapbox when all you’ve ever needed is your voice?”

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