Space In Between

In Between Stories 

The true, the false and mythical
by Erasmus
The Economist

Do you classify stories as true or false, fiction or nonfiction, real or pretend? Under which categories do myths, fables, and religious tales fall? In this article, Erasmus makes a powerful argument that “…’myths are always true’ – in a sense that they accurately convey some deep meaning…” So true, in fact, that they have guided people’s lives for centuries. How might you embrace such nuanced truth and live into the subtleties?

In Between Poles

‘On Being’ host Krista Tippett on the spiritual life of a religion reporter
by Michelle Boorstein
The Washington Post

In this interview, 2013 National Humanities Medal winner and host of ‘On Being,’ Krista Tippet shares some of her wisdom and observations from reporting on religion. In discussing the value of being open in the context of conversations on faith, she notes how “…we frame so many of our really important discussions in terms of those poles. But most of us are somewhere in the middle. [Though] I’m not sure there is such a thing as the center…” What might you discover by embracing this framework? How might it shift your orientation towards your own opinions and beliefs as well as those of others?

In Between Homes

The Wisdom of the Exile
By Costica Bradatan
The New York Times

When have you been uprooted? What did you gain amidst the loss? Bradatan weaves together the paradoxes of exile in this beautiful article. Offering simplicity in the complex, she notes: “The redeeming thing about exile is that when your ‘old world’ has vanished you are suddenly given the chance to experience another. At the very moment when you lose everything, you gain something else…”

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