The Test, The Fire, The People

Take the Test

Racism Is White America’s HIV
by Gene Robinson
The Daily Beast

How have you participated in structural violence? What about racism? Drawing a profound analogy between racism and HIV, Robinson notes: “Testing is a voluntary and intentional act…it means searching our souls for ways in which we have colluded with a white-majority society in perpetuating such an unjust system.” This article challenges us to do just that from a space of vulnerability and compassion.

Put Out the Fire

All the Rage
by Andrea Miller
Shambhala Sun 

What triggers your anger? How do you engage with feelings of rage? This reflection explores the feeling of anger, rooted in the understanding that it is often “a disguise for other, more vulnerable emotions.”  Offering a personal account, Miller shares: “Taking a seat, I stripped my anger to the sadness behind it. I inhaled and exhaled and discovered that my soft, vulnerable feelings were bearable after all – maybe more bearable than the fire I’d been trying to cover them with.” What practices do you use to manage the fires of fury?

Support People

Corporate chaplains: They walk the shop floor to help workers walk through their struggles
by Andy Higgins
Smart Business

Where do you turn when the stresses of life impact your work? How about when the stresses of work impact your life? Higgins highlights the transformative role chaplaincy can play in the work environment by offering a space for employees “to discuss their issues in confidence with an impartial individual who brings a compassionate heart and a discerning ear.” This article gives a glimpse into the reasons Still Harbor has promoted and offered chaplaincy support to social justice leaders and organizations over the past five years. In particular, Global Health Corps (GHC) has seen the transformative impact of chaplaincy on their fellows’ service and careers. If we want social justice leaders to sustainably support the people and communities most in need, our organizations and institutions need to find ways of supporting them.

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