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Becoming a Real Person
by David Brooks
The New York Times

How do you develop and integrate the many facets of your interior life? Where did you acquire the tools you employ? In this article, Brooks challenges us to contemplate the purpose and role of college education today. He notes that while most universities focus on preparing students for a professional life, they often lack the framework that “Everyone is born with a mind…but it is only through introspection, observation, connecting the head and the heart, making meaning of experience and finding an organizing purpose that you build a unique individual self.” As the academic year begins, how might you cultivate your own moral education?


Hip Hop Summer Camp for Social Justice gives youth affected by gun violence and police brutality an outlet
by Jan Ransom
New York Daily News

What are your outlets for expressing pain? How do those expressions lead to healing and change? This article shares the healing journey of “Twenty youngsters affected by gun violence and police brutality [when] given an outlet to express their pain through music and poetry.”  Their expressions remind us that the simple acts of sharing and listening are powerful tools for transforming an unjust world.


The Unfamiliar Familiar
by Henry Shukman

This article invites us to challenge our long-standing assumptions and to break out of our habitual rhythms. With beautiful eloquence, Shukman reminds us: “The world is dynamic and changing; therein lies its freshness. But our ideas about it tend to grow static and calcified, even our ideas about the most important things: who we are, how things are, why the world is the way it is.” How might a fresh perspective offer you the opportunity to see the world anew?

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