"Shine like the whole universe is yours"


Complete? Who, Me?
by Michelle Sweezey
Elephant Journal

How do you achieve a sense of wholeness? Do you gaze inward or seek outward? In this reflection, Sweezey chooses to go within and to ask herself the big questions. It is from that space that she affirms: “I will be what I want to receive. I will be whole. I will be love. I will be full. Today, in the words of Rumi…‘Shine like the whole universe is yours.’ Because it is.”


A Monet of One’s Own
by Bill Hayes
The New York Times

When have you been so overcome by something that words failed to describe it? Hayes invites us to claim those forms of art, love, and inspiration as our own. In this article, he reminds us that “Perhaps the best part about processing art in this way is that what’s mine can be yours, and vice versa.” How might you find deeper connection and meaning in these shared experiences?


“Our Voices, Our Stories” A New Partnership For Healing
by Still Harbor
Still Harbor Blog

At the invitation of Roxbury Presbyterian Church’s (RPC’s) Social Impact Center (SIC) and Senior Pastor Rev. Liz Walker, Still Harbor is participating in a new pilot program, the Cory Johnson Trauma Education Project, aimed at empowering community members in Roxbury to tell their stories and support one another in the process of healing from trauma. Read our full blog post to learn more about the program and partnership.

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