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Letter-Writing Program Helps Jewish Prisoners Find Hope Behind Bars
by Gila Lyons
Tablet Magazine

How have you offered connection and accompaniment to others on their spiritual journeys? Lyons draws our awareness to the lives and journeys of incarcerated individuals by sharing this story of her mother's service as a pen pal to Jewish inmates. With the commencement of Rosh Hashanah at sundown today, she notes: “For many prisoners, deep searching, reflection, regret, and attempting to mend the broken parts of their lives isn’t just a High Holiday undertaking. It’s all the time. And it’s done without the benefits of community, pristine white clothes, or dinner tables laden with traditional food.” Her mother’s meaningful connections demonstrate the power of relationship and the beauty of standing in solidarity with others.


Spiritual Resources for Activists
by Adam Bucko
The Huffington Post

In honor of the upcoming anniversary of the Occupy Movement, Bucko offers this reflection on the wisdom and compassion that arise from our struggles for social justice. Inspired by the roots of such movements, he has created a radio show “about reflecting on ideas and dreams that can help us infuse our struggles for justice with spiritual wisdom and help us build a network of like-minded people who can commit to a deep contemplative and spiritual practice…” How might you seek or create community for reflection and introspection?  


Love Is Not Algorithmic
by Jim Kozubek
The Atlantic

This article invites us to challenge our data-driven culture and embrace the uncertainties of life and love. Offering a beautiful analogy between books and love, Kozubek reminds us that “One does not go into reading with an assumption of knowledge or completeness, but with humility, with a willingness to enter into a confrontation that may change you in the process.” How might you be open and receptive to change this fall?  

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