Faith or Feeling?


Between Godliness and Godlessness
by Frank Bruni
The New York Times

“What comes first, the faith or the feeling of transcendence?” asks Bruni in this thought-provoking article. In response to Sam Harris’s, new book, “Waking Up,” he contemplates how the growing number of Americans moving away from organized religion “…are looking for a different kind of scripture, for prophets purged of doctrine, for guides across the vast landscape between faithlessness and piety, for recognition of this fecund terrain.” How do you navigate this space in your life?


The Religious Roots of the Wilderness Act
by Michael Schulson
Religion & Politics

How do you commune with nature? What connections do those practices offer you? In honor of a “policy founded on poetry,” this article invites us to reflect on the mysticism and spirit of the wilderness. Schulson reminds us that “None of these ideas, though, just emerge automatically in the depths of our modern souls…But they’re entangled with religious stories, and religious experiences.”


Izar Ederrak – Philippine Madrigal Singers @ Abbey of Mont Saint Michel
By Tim Chen
You Tube

As Labor Day makes way for the start of a new season, we invite you to pause for a few minutes to share in this short video that captures an inspiring expression of beauty and spirit. How might you spread joy during this transition into fall?

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