Offering inspiration for the season

This week, we (Ruth, Sandy, Hilary, and Perry) have taken our “What does spirituality mean to you?” campaign to the streets. The Still Harbor team ventured to Harvard Square, Downtown Crossing, Copley Square, and even the T, to share “spiritual gifts” with others. We were armed with our now infamous big blue box filled with inspirational quotes and words on gift ribbon and paper. We offered these to passersby as our gift to the Greater Boston community and a way to remember and spread the spirit of giving and hope true to the season.


We specifically chose areas of the city that are busy with people rushing about doing holiday shopping and running errands. At a time of the year when life can be especially busy and when spirituality can be the last thing on our minds, we wanted to remind people what is important.

Most passersby notice the Mother Teresa quote  taking up one side of the box that reads, “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” People we connected with told us they are also passionate about social justice and described themselves as really interested in spirituality too. One woman reported that she usually avoids people handing out things in public but was grateful she accepted the quote and did not expect what a gift it would be. Another man out for lunch in Copley Square made a point of turning back after having walked away to give us an incredibly heartfelt, "thank you for the present."

It was a gift for all of us to take our box of spiritual gifts out into the world this week. Stay connected to learn about our future offerings of spiritual gifts and for live updates on our future street work. Follow us @stillharbor on Twitter and Facebook.


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