Still Harbor Makes The Art Connection

Through their art donation program, The Art Connection facilitated the donation of 19 original works of art by 12 artists for installation at our Center for Discernment & Action in South Boston. Our Center has always been a place dedicated to accompanying individuals and organizations through their spiritual explorations, and now through our work with the Art Connection, we have helped transform the Center into a more deeply reflective space for our partners, staff, and guests.

Long-term resident Peter Luckow reacted to the placement of the art saying, “As a resident of Still Harbor's Center for Discernment and Action, I have always found the space to be a calm and comforting retreat from the noisy and hectic bustle of Boston. Because of this, along with a history of apartments filled with bare walls, I was skeptical about what a few pieces of art could do for the already peaceful Center. To my surprise, I was quite taken aback the day after the art was installed. Suddenly, through paintings, sketches, and photos, the Center was infused with newfound soul and spirit. I continue to find the pieces a daily blessing, helping myself and our community to pause and reflect on all that life has to offer.”

About The Art Connection
The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization that expands public access to visual art by placing the work of donor artists and collectors on the walls of community service organizations. This simple but powerful idea has resulted in thousands of installations into scores of organizations, giving those who often have the least access to art direct contact in their own communities. Within these healing environments, the original works of art provide welcome opportunities for reflection, inspiration, comfort, and hope. The Art Connection’s art placement program is made possible through the generous support of individual donors and is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. For more information, visit The Art Connection’s website, email, or call (617) 338-7668.

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