"...drawing all of humanity into itself."

Excerpt from "Every Day Is for Union" by Fr. Gregory Fruehwirth: 

Every day we wake up from sleep, 
go about our lives
sometimes with success, sometimes failure,
sometimes anguished, sometimes relaxed,
    and then we go back to sleep again.
And every day the still, small voice,
  that calls us to love and honesty and presence
    is speaking there in the innermost chamber of our souls,
    waiting for us to awaken to its presence. 
This voice can lead us through our day quietly, 
  without fuss,
  without protestation,
  without show--
    lead us to live our day as an act of fidelity to the love
      that is not only in us
      but is drawing all of humanity into itself.

Image: from sunnyskyz.com
Reading: Fruehwirth, Gregory. "Every Day Is for Union." Words for Silence: A Year of Contemplative Meditations. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2008. p 160. Print.

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