Many poems were spoken in 2013

Among the many poems performed throughout little clubs, living rooms, closets, and grand stages, we find reverence for life and all that comes with it. In particular, this year, we have been awed and inspired this year by these five poets and their poems:

ANIS MOIGANI: Collection presented at TEDxAtlanta

"Come closer, come into this." He urges us.

ALYSIA HARRIS: "Songs For Flight"

"You can't tell whether it's melody or melancholy that's got you singing these broken hooks..."

KATE TEMPEST: "Brand New Ancients" Part One

"The Life in your veins is godly, heroic..."


"To this day, despite her loving husband, she doesn't think she's beautiful..."

MAYA ANGELOU: "His Day is Done" Tribute to Mandela

"...the news expected and still unwelcome..."

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