What is my purpose?

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Do I have a purpose?
How can I live out my purpose?

We live in an age of instant access to information and constant connectivity, and yet, many of us are deeply familiar with feelings of isolation and disconnection. While many pieces of our lives feed into these feelings, being misaligned with a sense of purpose will make us feel directionless and unfulfilled, which leads more often than not to isolation and disconnection.

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Throughout our lives, we are all called--in big and small ways--to evaluate and reevaluate how we want to live and act in the world. Responding to this call to contemplation is one of the ways we can discern and align to our own personal sense of purpose. That said, this call can feel like an endless cycle of deep questioning. It can feel like a longing that has gone unacknowledged in the face of more practical concerns. It may even feel like a process that we have mastered and accepted fully into the cycles of our lives. In whatever ways this call manifests itself in your life, it asks you to set aside some time and pay some attention to your deepest sense of purpose and meaning.

And yet... Time is scarce. Attention is hard to wrangle. Change is hard. Being clear and confident with our decisions is even harder. These obstacles and challenges are why it can be most helpful to set aside specific and bounded time to ask these questions and to find trusted partners or mentors to accompany you in the process.

If you are asking these questions right now and are struggling with where to begin, consider registering for Still Harbor's Purpose Workshop series as way to set aside the time, pay attention, and meet a few companions to support you in your journey to greater self-discovery.

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