The Kenbe Fèm Project is a success

Groups around Boston that have been mourning the lives lost in Haiti one year ago last Wednesday gathered to remember and reflect. The Haitian Coalition of Somerville, Partners In Health, and the Nou Pap Janm Bliye event at Roxbury Community College all hosted The Kenbe Fèm Project at their gatherings, providing their guests an opportunity to contribute a memory, thought, hope, fear, or prayer to the participatory memorial exhibit. We are encouraged by the success of the project in enabling people to give voice to their sentiments about Haiti's suffering and recovery.

The project has had an impact here in Boston as well as in Haiti, where a school group, rehabilitation clinic, and community-based orphanage conducted their own version of The Kenbe Fèm Project. Cate Oswald, the Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Coordinator at Partners In Health in Haiti reported, "We did the 'kenbe fem project' activity as a means of helping those who had been seriously physically was very well received."

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