Healing the Body

Where's the Spirit?

Less Talk, More Therapy

by Jessica Wolf
The New York Times

Where do you store trauma and repressed emotions? How do you release the tension and blockages it may cause in your body? This article offers a personal account of how emotional trauma and history are stored in the body. Wolf shares anecdotes about how body work and energy healing have uncovered “a map of where it’s really hurting, pulling, stagnant, frozen…[and offered a method of] unfurling one little piece of the necklace ball, so that the body can begin its own organic process of unwinding itself back to health.” How might you deepen your awareness the intimate connection between your mind and body in the healing process?

The main thing I feel is a kind of unfamiliar optimism, along with a lot more energy – energy that…has been freed up from letting go of longstanding trauma.
— Jessica Wolf