Healing With Space

Where's the Spirit?

Under the Bridge: Finding Art in L.A.’s Forgotten Places

by Jenny Rosenberg
Los Angeles Magazine

“Where does public space end and private space begin? Is graffiti high culture? Can art replace government? What’s the appropriate way to help (or not help) people who are homeless or addicted to drugs? What can be done to improve the city’s alleys?” Rosenberg offers us this series of questions in response to an innovative and dynamic art project called Under Spring taking place in Los Angeles. As this article highlights, the continual transformation of a simple space under a bridge near the river can hold the power to tell stories, share expressions, cultivate community, and heal wounds. How might you invite new purpose and spirit into a common space?

It is a space we have cared for, lived next to, and breathed into. Under Spring is ultimately a social sculpture. It is about our commons.
— Lauren Bon, artist & owner of Metabolic Studio