Mirrors of Meaning: Be the Change

We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us.
— Anne-Marie Willis

Where's the Spirit?

How Our Creations Change Us
by Shots of Awe

Do we shape our environment? Or rather does our environment shape us? This short video explores of the concept of ontological design, which delves into these exact questions and offers a simple, yet deep, framework. By drawing on art, history, and theory in this short video, Silva challenges us to consider how: "We, from inside out, we are designed by that which we have designed, so there's this circularity; this meaning making circle; this hermeneutic circle... we mirror the environment we create." How might this framework motivate us to bring intention to what we design, what we say, and what we do this year? And, for this week, how could this notion deepen your practice of noticing and giving thanks for that which we are proud to mirror back?

Watch here: