On Spiritual Formation

Where's the Spirit?

Finding Your Center

by Margot Patterson
America Magazine

“How do you make faith meaningful in a society growing increasingly religiously pluralistic and disengaged?” In light of the statistics highlighting the growing movement of young Americans away from the church, Patterson explores here this question of meaningful faith for America Magazine, The National Catholic Review. Showcasing the niche role that Still Harbor (yes, that's us!) plays in the current landscape for both the churched and unchurched, she notes: “Discernment, interior life, spiritual formation, contemplation, even vocation are words I seldom hear in church. One hears them at places like Still Harbor, but unless one goes there, would a Catholic be familiar with them?” Where do you find community with which to explore the central questions of life? What tools might offer you support in cultivating your interior life? Explore our website for more information on Still Harbor’s programs

We see a big emphasis on people going to college, big emphasis on people having professional experience, but education and a job are not enough to make people feel whole and of service to the world. The third missing component is a spiritual life or interior life to integrate the other two.
— Charles Howes, Deputy Director of Still Harbor