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In our Where's the Spirit? newsletter this week, we invited you to share something about your everyday experiences of tapping into love. At Still Harbor this Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the ways we are present and practicing in love and in life. A few of us have come together to share the words and images of the ways we tap into love with you.

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1. Pausing

"Pausing to appreciate nature, while finding peace in a yoga pose—these are ways I stay aware and in love." - Amy



2. Knowing

“Love is knowing that someone will seek us out when we run & hide” – Ed


3. Dancing

“When I practice modern dance, I'm constantly reminded my practice is for me and my movement evolves over time.  Coming together with others gives me the courage to express myself and I feel a sense of gratitude for what we can create together. Regular practice helps me celebrate the little things like progress with a movement phrase, or just showing up." – Charles


4. Listening

“Listening to my explorative spirit and fire for adventure, I go. When I do, I am always gifted with new treasures of love; treasures found in the freedom of letting go, being present, and embracing each moment for what it is." –Ruth


5. Remembering

"I am whole and in love when I remember peace, accept the struggle, lean into joy, and let down my guards. The quiet beauty of exploring the beach in wintertime reminds me of the love found in this remembrance, acceptance, joy, and surrender." –Perry


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