"...An outward manifestation of an inward power..."

How do you view action in your life?

What does your action teach you about your sense of purpose? ...about your understanding of your self in the world? ... about your relationship with your self and others?

We invite you into a moment of reflection to consider these questions through Margaret Wheatley's poem, "Action". In her own words, she describes this piece as "a 'found poem'" Wheatley explains, "all phrases are taken from, or found, in Parker Palmer's book The Active Life. I then played with them and extended them beyond Parker's original prose. I wrote this in tribute to Parker Palmer for the profound influence he's had on my work." 


Action, like a sacrament, 
is the visible form of an invisible spirit 
an outward manifestation of 
an inward power. 

An expressive act is not to achieve a goal outside myself 
but to express a conviction 
a leading, a truth that is within me. 
An expressive act is one taken 
because if I did not 
if I did not 
if I did not take it 
I would be denying 
my own insight, gift, nature. 

Action, like a sacrament, is the visible form of an invisible spirit 
an outward manifestation of 
an inward power. But as we act, 
we not only express what is in us 
and help give shape to the world.  
We also receive what is outside us 
and we reshape 
our inner selves. 

When we act, the world acts back. 
The world acts back 
and we and the world, 
we and the world are


Right action is a process of birthing that cannot be forced 
but only followed. 


Wheatley, Margaret. "Action." The True Professional. N.p.: 2009. Web. 07 Apr. 2014. <http://www.margaretwheatley.com/articles/TheTrueProfessional.pdf>.

For more about Margaret Wheatley, visit her website here.