Stories of Self

When we tell our own story, we teach the values that our choices reveal, not as abstract principals, but as our lived experience. We reveal the kind of person we are to the extent that we let others identify with us.
— Marshall Ganz

In this reflection, Faris challenges us to take ownership and pride in our voices and the personal narratives they speak. He invites us explore the depths, paradoxes, and transformation of our orientation to ourselves, others, and the world by sharing: “I make every effort to understand life, to search for truth within myself and in the stories and experiences of those around me. I encounter manifestations of reality that baffle me and broaden my perspective, and within my own inner-vision I see shades of life and light that blind my previous perceptions and propel me into a new realm of understanding altogether.” How might you discover what you know amidst the unknown? What is your story of self?

I take as absolute truth that all human beings, all life, all matter, all of existence is inextricably connected, and through that connection, our personal narratives take on new meaning and new significance.
— Devin Faris, Global Health Corps Fellow