Who am I right now, today?

What does 2015 hold for me?  What can I do to make it an even better year in body, mind, and spirit?

These are often the kinds of questions we ask ourselves each year starting on January 1st.  While they are key questions, are they the right or best ones to be asking?

Perhaps the more important questions to begin with are:

Why am I here and who am I right now, today?  How can I authentically live my life in a balanced way, while also serving others?

If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.
— Brené Brown

The answers to these questions unfold a calling and way of life in which we find meaning that reflects a spiritual life that connects us to ourselves, to others, and the unknown.  

The capacity to live out one’s purpose is present when we respond to others out of our whole being rather than parts of ourselves, such as our professional self.  Our lived-out purpose coexists with authenticity and wholeness.  

Our work and service in the world is most effective when it flows out of who we are and our understanding of the sacred.  It is only when we act with care for both self and other that we find an alignment with purpose that leads to effective change and transformation in the world.

I offer you a poem adapted from Ted Loder's Guerrillas of Grace:

Breathe Restlessness into Me

Thank you for all I forget are gifts,
  not rights.

Forgive me for all the grievances
  I remember too well.

Save me from the self-pity,
  the self-seeking,
    the fat-heartedness    
      which is true poverty.

Guide me, if I’m willing
   (drive me if I’m not)
        into the hard ways of sacrifice
              which are just and loving.

Make me wide-eyed for beauty.
(Read the full poem)

Why am I here and who am I right now, today?  How can I authentically live my life in a balanced way, while also serving others?

If these questions resonate with you, I invite you to spend a day apart with me on Saturday, January 31 to explore and reflect on these questions. The retreat day will offer short presentations, individual quiet time for reflection, sharing and discussion within a group, and fellowship over lunch.

The retreat day on January 31 will begin at 9:30 am at Still Harbor in South Boston and we will close at 5 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Learn more and RSVP here.

Blessings for the new year,


Colleen Sharka, MA, LMHC a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual director, is our Director of Spiritual Formation & Accompaniment.  She facilitates workshops, retreats, and provides accompaniment through individual and group spiritual direction.  Her private psychotherapy practice focuses on the spiritual life as central in meeting the desired goals and changes that bring people to therapy. In her previous position as Assistant Director of Trinity Boston Counseling Center, Trinity Church in Copley Square, she developed and co-facilitated psycho-spiritual integration training for  masters-level mental health interns, as well as programs to address trauma and self-care. She previously served on the advisory committee of the Center for Psychotherapy and Spirituality at the Massachusetts School for Professional Psychology.She currently serves on the planning team of Spiritual Directors International’s Spirituality & HealthCare Institute.

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