Earth, Connection, Balance


Earth Dweller
Poem by William Stafford

Are you looking for a brief moment to take a break from the workday and connect with the earth? This poem might be just the motivation you need.


Image Credit: Yann Kebbi

Image Credit: Yann Kebbi

Stop Googling. Let's Talk.
by Sherry Turkle
New York Times Sunday Review

As our devices allow us to become more and more in touch with each other, are we actually becoming less connected? In this article, Turkle argues just that, and she describes some of the serious consequences this lack of connection creates, from children unable to engage one another with empathy to adults unable to sit for fifteen minutes with their own thoughts. She suggests that individuals and families set boundaries around when and how they use their electronic devices. How might you change your digital habits to help your real-life connections and your own inner life deepen?


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

From Anguish to Balance: 19 ways to turn your struggling nonprofit around
Akaya Windwood & Rajasvini Bhansali
Stanford Social Innovation Review

Windwood, the CEO of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, and Bhansali, the Executive Director of International Development Exchange, offer their shared wisdom on how to sustainably and successfully lead a nonprofit, even if you need to bring your nonprofit back to life. Integrating components such as staying true to mission and cultivating the wellbeing of staff with creating a sustainable budget and cultivating communication with funders, this article offers a holistic perspective on operating a well-balanced organization. Are you a nonprofit leader? How do you put some of these principles into practice?