Radical Acceptance


The Funny Thing About Adversity
by David DeSteno
The New York Times

Photo Credit: NYT, Gerard DuBois

Photo Credit: NYT, Gerard DuBois

Does compassionate connection help us build resilience following adversity? Does adversity build compassionate connection with others? In the field of activism and social justice people are often motivated to serve because of adversity they have seen or experienced in their own lives. We believe that self-awareness, compassionate connection, and values-based action play central roles in helping people maintain health, wholeness, and perspective in their service of others. This article from The New York Times’ Gray Matter section sheds some light on new research on the connections between overcoming adversity and having compassion. Simply they conclude, "Living through hardship doesn’t either warm hearts or harden them; it does both.” Read the full article here.


Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

On Beating the Taboo of Spirituality and Creating a Better Life
by Gabriel Ruas Santos Rocha
Huffington Post

Is spirituality taboo? How might you take steps to create a better life for yourself without giving into fears of what words or practices you might have internalized as taboo? The value of discernment is that each of us can listen to the people around us, learn about their beliefs, traditions, and practices, and choose our own approaches to living life well. In this reflection, we hear how Rocha opens himself up to saying more yes to that which inspires or intrigues him, he writes: "It was from a simple conversation that the spark lit up a flame and I found myself no longer in the dark. There was hope. I started reading about different spiritual practices and learned to say more yes than no." Is there something you need to explore more deeply in your life?


Photo Credit: The Atlantic Magazine

Photo Credit: The Atlantic Magazine

Small Prayer
by Elizabeth Spires
The Atlantic

If my heart were scoured,
             if my soul were remade
into a new and shining garment,
             then would I have to die?

Lord, if perfection is death,
             let me stay here
a little while longer,
            spotted and stained.

May we offer this little poem prayer to you today.



This video only begins to capture the life and work of Jamie Zimmerman. She inspired and led so many to greater mindfulness and health. We mourn with so many around the world this week.