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Grace Lee Boggs. Source: Detroit Free Press

Grace Lee Boggs. Source: Detroit Free Press


Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit activist, dies at age 100
by Nancy Kaffer
Detroit Free Press

Grace Lee Boggs was an activist and mentor who, over the course of decades, helped to shape the lives of people living on the margins in Detroit. During years of working with different activist communities and young people, including founding Detroit Summer, a program that works to empower youth leadership, Boggs made a major impact on her community. Yet those who know her say that Boggs herself was not particularly interested in considering her accomplishments; rather, she said that people “overestimated the role of activism and underestimated the role of reflection.” How could reflection help sustain you in your work until your 100th year?


The Equity Imperative in Collective Impact
By John Kania & Mark Kramer
Stanford Social Innovation Review

How important is equity in working for collective change and how can we achieve it? In this article, Kania and Kramer argue that it is integral to successful collective impact—and that it doesn't happen by accident. It can be hard, though, to start to tackle such a complex problem. The authors state that they "have found that it is more important to get started than to feel ready." Is working with and for equity something you need to get started on? What other important work might you be delaying because you don't feel ready?


Mindful Schools
Facebook Page

Recently, we've shared several articles about mindfulness practices being used to help improve student achievement and experiences in schools. Are you interested in learning more about that topic? Mindful Schools, an organization that has that important work as its mission, has a strong Facebook feed with a lot of excellent content. We encourage you to check it out.

Source: Mindful Schools Facebook Page

Source: Mindful Schools Facebook Page