A $15,000 giving season challenge

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Dear friends,

In 2015, with your help, we have had the privilege of accompanying so many who are in need of spiritual support as they pursue justice, peace, and healing in their lives and in the communities where they serve.

We have supported many living and working on the front lines of violence, disease, poverty, and other traumatic conditions—some who were treating Ebola in West Africa, others navigating political violence in Burundi, and many here in the United States who are grappling with the spiritual and emotional upheaval of community shootings, deep-rooted injustices, or generalized fear and uncertainty.

We know that people—all people—look for places to turn in their times of need. Our chaplaincy and spiritual direction programs have grown each month as more and more people come to discover us as a resource for such support.

We are consistently humbled and honored to be an organization that can offer a personal listening presence to those in need of sharing and reflecting upon their stories, their deep existential questions, and their most sacred beliefs.
As we approach the end of the year, we ask you to make a donation and join us in standing with those who live and work on the front lines of today's most pressing societal problems. Several generous supporters have stepped up to offer a $15,000 matching challenge.

Give before December 31st to help us meet this $15,000 challenge goal. Every gift counts.

The work we do, whether offering spiritual accompaniment, training, or resources, is largely donor supported. We work to help all who come to us seeking spiritual support in their service journeys, and your continued generosity is what allows us to do so regardless of people’s ability to pay.

Will you give to help us meet our matching challenge? We couldn’t do what we do without you standing with us. Give your 2015 gift today.
In peace and solidarity,

Perry Dougherty
Executive Director