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Photo by Brendan Smialowski via On Being

Photo by Brendan Smialowski via On Being


Letting Our Suffering Speak and Be Public
By Omid Safi
On Being Blog

Three young, loving, beautiful people—Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu Salha—were killed by the powerful hate, fear, and ignorance of another human being in Chapel Hill, NC last week. In this On Being blog post, Omid Safi honors their lives and encourages us to suffer together as we mourn. There is a lot to grieve: we have lost three incredible souls, and we have once again realized the vulnerability of Muslims in the United States of America. Safi writes, “It is not the job of marginalized people to heal the prejudice of others. It is not the responsibility of vulnerable young Muslim students to heal the Islamophobia of others. It is up to all of us to reach out to one another and uplift all of us.”
Reach out to others. Mourn publicly. Suffer together. And remember always, as Safi concludes, “Knowledge is more luminous than ignorance. /Justice is more beautiful than tyranny. /Love is more divine than hatred.”


Revisiting Intersectionality & Life in the Margins in Development Work
by Karen Maniraho
Personal Blog

How does identity connect us? How does it separate us? What does it mean to live life on the margins of ourselves and on the margins of society? In this deeply honest and self-reflective post, Maniraho contemplates on how we might come together in solidarity across differences to work for change. She writes, “I can either remain alone and keep dreaming that someone exactly like me exists but what would such an unfulfilling search do for the greater goal of tackling interlocking systems of domination that oppress so many like and unlike me.”

By   xddorox   licensed under   CC BY 2.0

By xddorox licensed under CC BY 2.0


#Black Lives Matter: "It's about how we are together"
by Julie Quiroz
Movement Strategy Center

“How can we embody the world we want and need — right now?” This bog post highlights the efforts of organizer, Alicia Garza, in Ferguson, MO. With a focus on transformative relationships that have solid footing in trust and compassion, Garza has tackled organizing against the inhumanity of structural violence as a collective spiritual practice. Read the full profile to discover what Alicia Garza seems to know deep within herself—that solid movements are based on purpose, love, and relationship, all of which require an ongoing cultivation in order to be leveraged for collective action. 


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