Live Web Show and Preview of "Mindfulness As medicine" by Sister Dang Nghiem

Watch the recording about the life and teachings of Sister Dang Nghiem.

The live streamed show included:

Still Harbor Anchor magazine editor, Nadia Colburn, took part in a live web show to discuss the life and teachings of Sister Dang Nghiem, her critically acclaimed first book Healing: A Woman's Journey from Doctor to Nun and her highly anticipated second book, Mindfulness as Medicine: A Story of Healing Body and Spirit.

The show was hosted by Parralax Press, Plumline, and the Reading Peace Book Club on GoodReads.

A Sneak Peak of Mindfulness as Medicine

Parralax Press has offered a sneak peak of Mindfulness as Medicine to Still Harbor and Anchor magazine supporters.

The first chapter from the book is freely downloadable as a PDF below. Also, consider joining Parralax Press' "Reading Peace" book club.

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Here is an excerpt from the full announcement from Parallax Press about Sister Dang Nghiem and her new book:

Before she became a Buddhist nun, Sister Dang Nghiem was a physician. Born during the Tet Offensive and part of the group of Amerasian children given amnesty after the Vietnam War, she arrived in the United States penniless and without a home.

She went on to graduate high school with honors, earn two undergraduate degrees, and receive her medical training at a top school. In 2000, Dang Nghiem left medicine and became a Buddhist nun.

In 2011, Sister Dang Ngheim contracted neuro-Lyme disease, a rare and severe form of the disease that affected both her physical and cognitive ability. Devastated, Dang Nghiem began to apply both her mindfulness practice and medical knowledge to overcome her illness.

With her characteristic blend of honesty and emotional vulnerability, in Mindfulness as Medicine Sister Dang Nghiem leads readers through her profound journey of healing and shares step-by-step directions for the techniques she used to embrace and transform her suffering.

Sister Dang Nghiem offers a kind of mindfulness based pain reduction in a highly accessible way combining beautiful storytelling with useful practices for dealing with chronic pain and illness that really work.

Sister Dang Nghiem is the author of the critically acclaimed Healing: A Woman’s Journey from Doctor to Nun, a Buddhist nun, a motivational speaker, and an inspiration for anyone who has ever suffered from childhood abuse, trauma, life changing loss, severe illness, or chronic disease.

She was a practicing doctor at UCSF Medical Center before she became a Zen Buddhist nun in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Sister Dang Nghiem lives in Magnolia Grove Monastery, outside Batesville, Mississippi.

Photo credit:  Dave Lauridsen via Parallax Press