In the Depths


Bryan Stevenson on Charleston and Our Real Problem with Race
Interview by Corey Johnson
The Marshall Project

Bryan Stevenson, founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative, has spent his career fighting bias and cruelty in our criminal justice system. In this candid interview he discusses the recent terror in Charleston, internalized racial narratives, racism, and more. He says, “We are very confused when we start talking about race in this country because we think that things are ‘of the past’ because we don’t understand what these things really are, that narrative of racial difference that was created during slavery that resulted in terrorism and lynching, that humiliated, belittled and burdened African Americans throughout most of the 20th century.”

How do you participate in a different kind of conversation about race—one that might address our national confusion?



No Time to Be Nice at Work
By Christine Porath
The New York Times

How much do you value civility, friendliness, and kindness? In this opinion piece, Porath suggests: “How we treat one another at work matters. Insensitive interactions have a way of whittling away at people’s health, performance and souls.” Read the full piece to discover the abundance of research that supports the idea that being nice in the work place matters. And remember, as Porath concludes: “In every interaction, you have a choice: Do you want to lift people up or hold them down?”


Humans of New York
“When the wave comes, go deep.”

Humans of New York (aka HONY) offers regular inspirations in the form of stories and wisdom from the people of New York. We recently discovered and really like this piece of advice from a couple of years ago. This human of New York offers her wisdom, saying, “When a wave comes, go deep.” Read more about what she means here.