Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: A life-affirming course in conscious living

Still Harbor is pleased to welcome guest facilitator Christina Leano to the Center for Discernment & Action for this eight-week course.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: A life-affirming course in conscious living

Class Sessions:
March 30-May 25 (no class on April 27)
Wednesdays 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Retreat Day: Sunday, May 15 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
(Introductory session or application required.)

Introductory Session (free)
February 17 6:00PM-8:30 PM
March 9 6:00-8:30 PM

Course Description
What would happen if we met each moment in our lives with openness and acceptance?

We often cannot control the many challenges that life presents.  Yet through the power of mindfulness, we can learn to respond to life’s surprises with clarity and wisdom. We can stay grounded amidst the storms and experience a sense of peace. This is a journey of discovering the richness of living in the present moment.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based eight week course that teaches participants the skills to respond to physical and emotional stress to enhance day-to-day well-being. Created in the late 1970’s by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, MBSR has been shown to be effective at helping participants with a wide variety of needs, goals, and physical conditions to reduce stress, pain, anxiety and other symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Program Components
This is an eight-week course that meets every Wednesday from 6:00-8:30 PM with an all-day Sunday retreat toward the end of the course. It is highly participatory and practical. During each class participants will gain an understanding of the science and practice of mindfulness and learn skills to cultivate mindfulness in their day-to-day lives. Program components include:

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation and movement practices
  • Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life and work
  • Individually tailored instruction
  • Group dialogue
  • Daily home assignments
  • Guided audio files for home practice and a workbook

To fully benefit from this program, you must be willing to make a strong commitment to attend all classes and to practice daily home assignments for eight weeks. This is an essential component to integrate mindfulness skills into one’s everyday life.

The course is challenging and life-affirming. The instructor is accomplished and skilled at creating a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment that allows participants to seek, explore, and inquire.

Participants will need to bring their own yoga mat to each class.

Introductory Sessions
Interested participants are highly encouraged to attend one of the introductory sessions. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the MBSR program and explore whether it is right for you
  • Experience, first-hand, mindfulness methods and approaches you will be learning during the program
  • Meet the program instructor

Introductory sessions are free of charge. If you cannot attend an introductory session, you must either contact the instructor or complete the online application.

Program Costs
Cost: $275-500

Sliding scale based on household income:
Under $15,000: $275
From $15,000–30,000: $350
From $30,000–60,000: $425
Over $60,000: $500

Scholarships and payment plans are available.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the instructor at christinaleano[at]gmail.com.

About the Instructor
Christina Leano has been deeply immersed in Buddhist and Christian contemplative practices since 1998 and has been teaching meditation since 2013. She has completed over 100 days of meditation training in retreat centers such as Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Society, and the Southern Dharma Retreat Center. From 2008-2011 she lived as a contemplative Catholic nun in a cloistered Cistercian monastery in Northern California.

Christina completed the MBSR Teacher Training Intensive through the UCSD Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute. She is currently undergoing training in the Community Dharma Leaders Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a two-year program that trains and supports the committed Dharma practitioner to teach Insight (Vipassana) Meditation. She also is training to be a Spiritual Director at Still Harbor.  

Christina currently serves as the Global Campaigns Coordinator for the Global Catholic Climate Movement, a coalition of over 300 Catholic organizations working to respond to the moral imperative of the climate change crisis. She brings over 15 years of leadership on environmental and social justice issues n various education, government, and non-profit institutions.  She holds degrees from Yale University and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.