A Reflection on Connection...

When did we stop allowing space for each of us to authentically react and respond to the events going on around us? Have we somehow decided in the new global social media landscape that we can only be in dialogue if our perceptions about an event exactly mirror those of our neighbors, our spouses, our friends, or our children?

The choice to disconnect from each other when we encounter difference is toxic; connection is what sustains us. Our spirits yearn for the restoration of wholeness in the face of disconnection. But connection requires us to mutually see and hear one another fully. In the midst of conflict, unless one of us is vulnerable enough to choose connection, we will find ourselves in a stalemate with no end in sight.  

Many in our communities are feeling a deep sense of isolation as they seek to discern their authentic responses to bigotry, violence, and change. Many are feeling loneliness and confusion as they seek to align their actions with their values. Many are feeling a profound urgency and anger as they resist, protest, and engage in fighting for what they believe. Many fear judgement and backlash as they discern their responses to the pain they feel.

I have found myself sitting with each of these experiences over the past ten days. I wonder what each of you has been grappling with? What are you doing to navigate this difficult time? What has fed your soul in a seemingly bleak landscape of anger, hatred, and resentment? Where have you found connection?

We have set up the comment section of a blog page for you all to share your thoughts on these questions with us. Please do so here.

In peace and wonder,