Music Matters - A Protest Song

The power of song

Throughout history every resistance movement has pulled on the cathartic, expressive, resilience-building creative arts. Today is no different. We were deeply moved in listening to this beautiful song of questioning and protest by Antwaun Stanley, Tyler Duncan, and Theo Katzman. Watch it.

Below we share what Antwaun Stanley shared on Facebook as his message that goes with this song:

"We’ve obviously experienced a wide range of intense emotions the past couple weeks as a country and as a people. Whether it’s been the election, civil rights and the integrity of our justice system, groups against one another, basic needs unmet, educational gaps, global unrest, fears of heightened bigotry, etc., it’s clear why many of us are concerned. I find it hard to describe exactly the state we’re currently in, but my hope is that with this song, we can create/continue effective dialogue + a love movement that would provide comfort in knowing that where we’re going is much better than where we’ve been

This song I’d like to dedicate to the people of FLINT (my hometown). I co-wrote this song with some close friends of mine (Theo Katzman and TYLER DUNCAN MAKES MUSIC) and the song will be a part of my forthcoming solo album. While there isn't a recording for sale yet, I wanted to share it while so many of us are in need of inspiration. If the song moves you, I encourage you to send a buck (or more) to…

Antwaun Stanley — vocals
Tyler Duncan — guitar
Composer: Antwaun Stanley, Theo Katzman, Tyler Duncan"