"Swingin' with Zadie Smith"

In the end, your past is not my past and your truth is not my truth and your solution is not my solution.
— Zadie Smith (from White Teeth)

Why is the topic of class such a difficult one to address? What role, if any, does the amount of money you have or make, play in how you view your "identity" or "place" in the world? Do you feel tension in your pursuit of a spiritual practice with your pursuit of financial stability? How does your income and access to social capital shape your community and social peer group? How are we able to make space to talk about this topic, which is so often wrought with judgement and shame, especially in light of the recent election?  

This past weekend, writer Zadie Smith sat down with Open Source's Christopher Lydon to discuss a range of topics. From "Brexit" in the UK to Trump's win in the US, Smith wonders if we have paid attention to ideas of identity at the expense of arguments of class. In doing so, she suggests, there is a looming gap in our conversations about inclusion and community. Listen here for their conversation and insight.