Spiritual Practice for Discernment & Action

It is a moment that demands what author Masha Gessen calls ‘moral reasoning,’ in which we commit to see and to do what is right, without compromise. This is the moment to return to whichever practice reinforces our moral clarity, so that we do not wake up one day to find it eroded beyond recognition.
— Sofia Ali-Khan
Photo by Ahmed Sagarwala

Photo by Ahmed Sagarwala

A Time For Discernment
Tricycle Magazine

Sofia Ali-Khan offers this personal reflection on the importance of spiritual practice and collective discernment at a time in history filled with fear, anger, and uncertainty. She writes, "It’s been hard to find my way to the prayer mat. Everything feels a little off-kilter, and my priorities are not an exception. So while I am far more balanced when I am observing the ritual of prayer for a few minutes five times each day, it’s not been easy to rid myself of the mind chatter or to pull my focus away from the news cycle that always seems more pressing."

If you feel the same difficulty in getting your practice focused and clear, how might you be motivated by the fact that our personal spiritual practices are connected to our ability for collective discernment and action? Ali-Khan highlights: "practice is more important than ever. It’s in practice that we, from each of our faith traditions, learn to recognize ourselves in the other and to nourish our own capacities for discernment."

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