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Atlas of Emotions

Image credit: paulekman.com

Image credit: paulekman.com

We often speak of our emotions as being on a spectrum. But have you ever seen them visually depicted that way? Inspired by conversations with the Dalai Lama, Paul Ekman and others created this beautiful online rendering of emotions, their triggers, and their expressions. Consider taking a few minutes to explore this online “atlas” to see what emotions can look like in color.

Image credit: WBUR

Image credit: WBUR


Spirituality And Transformation On Boston’s Inner-City Basketball Courts

Are you looking for the courage to make a change and follow your heart? This story might provide the inspiration you’re seeking. Onaje Woodbine grew up in Roxbury, MA, and he “ended up playing for Yale, where he was the lead scorer and among the best in the Ivy League.” Then, after a year of playing at the collegiate level, he quit. In the Yale Daily News, he explained his decision by saying: “‘Deep within, I know that I will not help the most people by putting the ball in the basket.’” His path led him to a doctorate in philosophy and a return to the basketball courts of Roxbury. Listen to the whole story here to hear more about his work.


9 Ways To Be Happy With What You Have & Feel More Grateful Every Day
by Toria Sheffield

Sometimes, some quick tips can help us find new ways to center ourselves in the midst of our busy schedules. Are you looking for a few habits of happiness to integrate into your summer? Take a look at these suggestions and see if any of them resonate with you.