In the face of tragedy


This past weekend, 49 people at the Pulse bar in Orlando died in the largest-ever mass shooting in the U.S. This week's newsletter offers two perspectives, from two different faiths, in the aftermath of that tragedy.

In this interview, Florida mega-church pastor Joel Hunter shares many of his thoughts on the shooting and what it means to be in solidarity with the Orlando LGBT community as an evangelical Christian. He states, "I’ve got to go back and examine my own heart, starting tonight in services, I’ve got to confess to my congregation that if there’s anything I’ve said that could have ever led to anything — the dismissal or denigration of any other population — God, I am so sorry for that." In what ways could we all examine our own hearts about how we response to violence?


American Muslims Send A Powerful Message Of Solidarity To Orlando Victims
Huffington Post
by Carol Kuruvilla

What does it mean to walk in solidarity with others? For some Muslims in the Orlando area, it means giving blood to the victims of the shooting during Ramadan, Islam's holy month of fasting. In this article, learn more about that and the many other ways the Muslim community in Orlando is reaching out to support the victims and their loved ones. How can you reach out in support of those who are suffering, even when they might live in ways counter to your own beliefs?