Still Harbor's Future

We are grateful to announce the results of our nine-month strategic planning process.

It has been great to hear reflections and feedback over the past year from many of you about our work, and it has been humbling to sit with our leadership team in discernment about our future.

As July marks the launch of our new fiscal year, we have come to a place of resolution and clarity in our decisions. Below we have articulated for you our renewed commitments as well as the difficult decisions that have come out of the process. 



We are thrilled to deepen and expand our efforts to partner with organizations that are committed to justice, equity, and peace. Through such partnerships we offer training in the spiritual dimensions of leadership, facilitated workshops that encourage community formation by cultivating shared purpose, greater connection, and reconciliation, and accompaniment in the form of non-profit chaplaincy services. This work has been core to our mission since our founding in 2008, and the impact of our partnerships has expanded each year in profound and moving ways.

Just in this month, we will train 274 Global Health Corps fellows, 21 new students who form the incoming cohort of DrPH candidates at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and 12 AgriCorps fellows.

After completing the Training Institute with the new class of Global Health Corps fellows, this is what people are saying:

“I think [Still Harbor] is an essential component of training any leaders, especially global health leaders, because it helps us become more reflective and self aware.”  
“The experience of having to discover your most inner self through individual reflection is priceless. It has enabled me to refocus my thinking about improving the areas in my life that I fall short on while upholding strong values.”
“Still Harbor sessions are essential for social justice activists to reflect on their practice, personal wounds, and sense of purpose. The small group component is essential to it and a remarkable occasion to get to know other fellows personally.”


We are building a network of authentic, justice-oriented, and peace-minded leaders for the 21st century. We will be expanding two initiatives—the Spiritual Direction Practicum and Anchor magazine—designed to help build a movement dedicated to elevating spirituality as an essential component of creating a more kind, equitable, and sustainable world.

Our Spiritual Direction Practicum uniquely offers those engaged in either the work of ministry or the work of justice and peace the opportunity to participate in an immersive, experiential learning program intended to train them in offering spiritual accompaniment across faith and secular settings.

Anchor magazine is an independent publication that shares articles, personal reflections, poems, and works of visual art about where spirituality meets service in an effort to create a different kind of conversation about equity, peace, and healing.



In order to fully align to the strategic program direction we have laid out above in a sustainable, high impact manner over the next five years, we have had to make the difficult decision to close our Center for Discernment & Action at 666 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston as of August 31, 2016. The 6,800 square foot space has offered a home to so many since we opened it in 2010. We are grateful for the role that it has served in offering a space for hospitality, connection, and transformation, and we are very sad to have to let go of such a grace-filled space.

With the closing of the Center come other losses. Specifically, we will no longer host an intentional community or have community programs, gatherings, and retreats based in South Boston. Our spiritual direction practices will move into private practices or other settings and will perhaps dwindle in new enrollment as a result of not having dedicated space at the Center.

These changes inevitably bring a degree of grief for us and likely for some of you as well. We want to acknowledge the beauty and power of the space in our lives and in many of your lives as well. Thank you for your engagement, and we hope to find new ways of continuing to support those of you who have felt connected to the Center and its programs.


As we implement and engage in deeper planning on the strategic direction outlined above, we will be in touch with ways that you can get involved and with resources on our work. Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead for additional information and content to support your investment and engagement in our shared vision and mission.