BLM: Resistance Art

“The Waiting Room”
by Simone Leigh
New Museum

In this powerful and participatory exhibit, Leigh explores the question of what is medicine and wellness for women of color who are all too often pushed to the margins. “Blurring the distinction between bodily and spiritual health, or between wellness and happiness—and, in doing so, countering the perception of holistic care as a luxury good—Leigh has convened practitioners who view social justice as integral to their work.” In convening practitioners, Leigh has curated a show that explores the ways in which “violent, institutionalized control and indifference [have led to] the conditions under which forms of self care and social care can become radical or alternative.”

We know we are late in sharing this, but we can’t help sending it out so that you can see the potential for resistance, wellness, and art to intersect. Note: if you are in New York, there are 4 days left of the exhibit!