Community Matters

A Less Lonely Way to Lose Your Faith
by Isaac Anderson
The Atlantic

Isaac Anderson sheds light on the emergence of communities and programs intended to serve “nones”, atheists, agnostics, humanists, and the general spectrum of people without a specific faith or theistic belief. At least some of the groups seem to be modeled in part after many Christian worship communities—meeting on Sundays with music, inspiring talks, and coffee hour—though the content of their gathering differs.

In this piece, Anderson profiles an organization called Oasis, which has been developing in the Bible Belt where losing your faith retains a fair amount of stigma. The organization is clearly meeting a need and serving a place for people to turn to when they are seeking connection. Anderson interviewed Timothy Leyrson, 33, in Kansas City about why he attended Oasis: “Everything in the news, he said—the hostility, the racial violence. After that, he said, he needed some kind of positive community experience. ‘And this seemed like a good place to start.’”