The Road Unkown

How does your faith show up in the midst of change?

When we enter into the unknown, we are often confronted by fears, doubts, and insecurities. Yet it is also in those times that faith--in ourselves, others, and the sacred--has the potential to shine brightly, lighting the path towards growth and transformation. 

May the offerings below inspire you to choose trust and practice compassion in the face of uncertainty. 

Together we can build a community of caring rather than one of fear...Will you embrace me as willingly as I embrace you?
— by Karim Sulayman

As we embark on the transition of our country's leadership, we invite you to watch this inspiring video about choosing trust. Set to his own recording of Sinead O'Connor's "In this Heart", Sulayman challenges us to embrace our vulnerability by openly expressing his own. In what ways do you choose to trust in the face of the unknown? How might you offer the space for others to do the same? 

Wisdom is energizing and can manifest as anger - not a malicious or hurtful anger, but an anger that strikes to the heart of confusion and suffering to reveal and encourage both truth and compassion.
— by Roshi Pat Enkyo OHara

What tools do you use to stay connected to your spirituality in the midst of change and ambiguity? In this article, OHara reminds us that to lead a life with discernment and compassion takes practice. Referencing the Buddhist Flower Ornament Sutra, she reminds us "that even - perhaps mostly - in this difficult time, there is the opportunity for our practice to manifest awakening, clarity, wisdom, and compassion."