Thank you for...

(a prayer by Perry Dougherty)

(a prayer by Perry Dougherty)

We send you our gratitude.

As members of the extended Still Harbor community, I share this prayer with you in hopes that my practice of thanks may inspire yours this season of discernment, contemplation, and connection.

In all of our work at Still Harbor, my wish is that spirituality can at once elevate and ground our collective quest for freedom. On this day of Thanksgiving in the United States, an exploration of the spirituality of liberation is particularly relevant. It is a day that not only represents what it means to connect in gratitude across difference but also reminds us of the atrocities that can unfold when such communion is not mutually rooted in a celebration of the dignity and value of all people, of all life.

Today, I give thanks for all those who live with an embrace of universal human dignity and worth. And I give thanks for the justice-rooted spirits who have taught me the peace of practicing accountability, forgiveness, atonement, and reconciliation. 

with Love & Thanks for your partnership and support always,
Perry (and our team)