On Unity

In moments of conflict and turmoil,

we seek to discover peace and acceptance. Whether you turn inward or reach outwards in pursuit of harmony, treasures abound. May you discover treasures of unity in this week's offerings: 

One day, I want to walk down the street and not have to fear...only feel love and acceptance.
— Sabreen Tuku

This blog post shares an inspiring account of youth engaging in interfaith dialogue. As fear and awkwardness transform into honesty and acceptance, they remind us that "[i]f we can keep talking to each other, we can keep from breaking each other's hearts." How might you promote dialogue in your life with those whose differences seem to outshine than their similarities? 

When division and conflict seem to dominate the exterior world, how do you reorient your inner life toward unity and love? What practices serve to ground you in your faith? Suhor offers a simple "connectedness meditation" as a foundation to expand upon. We invite you to explore these words and adapt them to your life as you extend loving-kindness to yourself, others, and the sacred.    

I am connected with unknown forms of matter and life and spirit. May we be at peace.
— Charles Suhor