Loss & Privilege

How do you navigate dissonance in your life? 

Dissonance is so often accompanied by discomfort. Yet in sitting with this discomfort, we create space for new discoveries. By honoring the seeming lack of harmony in our lives, we surrender to transformation. 

May the content below offer you space to explore transformation within the paradoxes of loss and privilege.

All of [life] is made more precious, not less, by its impermanence... Disappearance reminds us to notice, transience to cherish, fragility to defend.
— Kathryn Schulz

In this beautiful article, Schulz explores the paradoxes of grief and hope by sharing her own experiences of loss. Whether we've misplaced the car keys or lost a loved one, she invites us to reconsider the inevitability of loss as a gift, "urging us to make better use of our finite days." How might you reorient to loss as part of life's natural course while also regarding it as precious? In what ways has loss shaped your interior life?  

I get that change can be scary, but equality shouldn’t be.
— Royce Mann

How does privilege show up in your life? In what ways do you lean into those experiences? In what ways do you resist them? Mann offers a deeply honest reflection of his privilege as a 14-year old white boy in this profound slam poetry performance. His words remind us that strength is letting go of our fears; that there is enough love to be shared by all; and that we must take action to create social change.