Emotional Emancipation Circles

Seeking community as you grapple with racial injustice in the world today?

If so, you're invited to explore collective healing here:



What: Emotional Emancipation Circles

When: March 30th, 6 - 7:30pm

Where: Mattapan Branch of the Boston Public Library


RSVP: Visit Eventbrite page


In Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circles, we come together to:

Share our stories and feelings, always respecting the humanity and dignity of each EE Circle member;

Deepen our understanding of the impact of historical forces on our emotion lives, our relationships, and the well-being of our communities;

Free our minds and spirits from the lies of white superiority and Black inferiority, and heal from the historical and continuing trauma of racism;

Tell ourselves a new, liberating, and empowering story about who we are as people of African ancestry;

Revitalize ourselves and our relationships with each other;

Learn and practice essential emotional wellness skill to help us be at our very best-as individuals and as a people;

Develop strategies to extinguish the lies of white superiority and Black inferiority-once and for all.

This group will meet on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (at the will of the group) for a total of 9 sessions. Materials will be provided to members free of charge.

For more information about Emotional Emancipation Circles (sm) go to Community Healing Network.