Truth Be Found

Speak. Listen. Observe.

This week, we invite you to explore different forms of expression and to discover the truths hidden within each. Finding and sharing our truth serves to deepen our connection to ourselves, others, and the unknown. May truth be found and shared in these offerings:

Black is the color of the beauty in sadness and the sadness in beauty.
— from┬áSpoken Word Istanbul

How do you express the depths of pain, sorrow and joy? What outlets offer you the space to share and receive emotional expression? This video highlights a community in Istanbul that congregates to express themselves through spoken word. We invite you to listen to their words and to be moved by the authenticity of their expression.  

In this article, Vaidhyanathan reflects on power of musical expression in shaping his sense of self. Through songs, he discovered liberation from social constraints and acceptance of his identity. What songs or artists have offered you a similar space of discernment and discovery? 

It conjured emotions and made my feet move. It invited me to listen to the elements that made up the song.
— Siva Vaidhyanathan