Part of Something

The faith journey is one of loss and discovery.

Often over and over again. Wherever we may be on that journey, it is our meaningful connections with others and the experience of community that make us feel part of something larger than ourselves. 

May you explore this intersection of community and faith with this week's offerings: 

In this article, Wehner reflects on the omnipresence of grief in the world and the role faith plays in the grieving process. Citing C.S. Lewis, he writes of the reassurance found in acknowledgements of doubt and uncertainty as well as of the strength offered by accompaniment and community. How do your experiences of grief and sorrow? How does your experience challenge or reaffirm your faith? 

It’s not that people of faith, when they are suffering, deny the heavenly hope; it’s that in being reminded of this hope they don’t want their grief minimized or the grieving process overlooked.
— Peter Wehner

Where do you find connections that inform your beliefs and orientation towards the world? What forms of community offer you the experience of being part of something greater than yourself? In this short video, Kuile shares his research on the ways in which millennials are redefining spirituality and finding communities of faith in new spaces. Watch and reflect! 

And in a culture where many are hungry for connection, these communities offer the experience of being part of something bigger than themselves, what some theologians might describe as experiencing the divine.
— Casper Ter Kuile